Regular meetings of the Granby Ranch Metropolitan District are now held on the second Friday of February, May, August and November at 10:00 a.m. Meeting announcements for regular and special meetings are posted at the location listed below. If you would like to receive meeting agendas electronically, contact Lisa Jacoby via Email:  
  When: Second Friday of February, May, August and November and begin at 10:00 a.m.  
  The Granby Ranch Metro District Board has decided to change the regular May meeting to the fourth Friday and may change the August meeting to the second Friday. The Board will discuss changing the date of the November meeting at the May meeting on May 24, 2019.  
  Where: Ranch Hall
998 Village Road
Granby, CO    80446
  Notices: Meeting announcements for regular and special meetings are posted at the following locations:  
        Kiosk located at Intersection of County Road 894 and Ten Mile Road  
        Ranch Hall - 998 Village Road, Granby, CO      
        Real Estate Office located in the log cabin off the opposite area    
        Granby Town Hall located at Zero Jasper Avenue    
        Offices of the Grand County Clerk and Recorder    
  Agendas, Minutes and Packets Online:                  
  Meeting agendas, minutes and packets are listed below.  They can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the links provided.  
  2019 Meeting Schedule                    
  2019-02-08 Agenda Minutes   Regular Meeting              
  2019-05-24 Agenda     Special Meeting              
  2019-07-15 Agenda     Special Meeting              
  2019-08-16 Agenda     Special Meeting Friday, Begins at 10:00 a.m.    
  2019-11-08       Regular Meeting              
  2018 Meeting Schedule                    
  2018-02-09       Regular Meeting - Cancelled          
  2018-04-11 Agenda Minutes   Special Meeting          
  2018-05-11       Regular Meeting - Cancelled          
  2018-05-18 Agenda Minutes   Special Meeting              
  2018-08-10 Agenda Minutes   Special Meeting              
  2018-11-09 Agenda Minutes   Regular Meeting              
  2017 Meeting Schedule                    
  2017-01-13 Agenda Minutes   Special Meeting              
  2017-02-10       Regular Meeting - Cancelled          
  2017-05-12       Regular Meeting - Cancelled          
  2017-06-09 Agenda Minutes   Special Board Meeting            
  2017-08-04 Agenda Minutes   Special Board Meeting          
  2017-08-11       Regular Meeting - Cancelled          
  2017-08-25 Agenda Minutes   Special Meeting              
  2017-09-29 Agenda Minutes   Special Meeting              
  2017-11-10       Regular Meeting - Cancelled          
  2017-11-17 Agenda Minutes   Special Meeting              
  2017-12-14 Agenda Minutes   Special Meeting              
  2016 Meeting Schedule                    
  2016-04-08   Minutes   Special Meeting              
  2016-06-03 Agenda Minutes   Special Meeting              
  2016-07-15 Agenda Minutes   Regular Meeting              
  2016-08-05 Agenda     Special Meeting - Cancelled          
  2016-08-19 Agenda Minutes   Special Meeting              
  2016-10-14 Agenda Minutes   Regular Meeting              
  2016-11-11 Agenda Minutes Packet Special Meeting              
  2016-12-12 Agenda     Special Meeting - Cancelled          
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