Welcome to the Granby Ranch Metropolitan District website!

This web site is designed to provide current and prospective residents within the Granby Ranch Community with an overview of the purpose and function of the District as well as the associated documents. The community is comprised of 10 separate Districts; Headwaters, Granby Ranch, SolVista, and Granby Ranch Nos. 2-8. This site only provides information for the Granby Ranch Metropolitan District.  Granby Ranch Metropolitan District includes the majority of all properties which have been developed within the community to date.  We hope you find the site useful and meaningful. Should you need additional information please see the Contacts page.

  Board Vacancy:  If interested call Sara Ewan at 303-770-2700 or sewan@svwpoc.com or Bob Blodgett at 303-265-7916 or by e-mail bob.blodgett@claconnect.com.  
  November 10, 2017  "At the November 11, 2016 Board Meeting, the Board of Directors voted to adopt the 2017 Budget with a total mill levy of 60 mills, dedicating 20 mills to the General Fund and 40 mills to the Debt Service Fund. The Board will discuss a proposal to refund District bonds at a Special Board Meeting on June 9, 2017 at 2 p.m. located at Ranch Hall, 998 Village Road, Granby, CO".  
  October 21, 2016 Letter From Granby Ranch MD, Granby Ranch MD No. 8, Headwaters MD and Granby Realty Holdings LLC to community residents and property owners.  
       GRMD Homeowner Letter  
  This letter describes planned changes in Granby Ranch regarding your property taxes, road maintenance and snow removal. These changes will be discussed at the following upcoming meetings open to the public:  
  Granby Ranch Information and Question & Answer Meeting
October 28, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. at Ranch Hall located in the base area at Granby Ranch following the Granby Ranch Conservancy and Residential Association Meeting,
Questions and Answers from October 28th Community Meeting
  Town of Granby Board of Trustees Meeting
November 8, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. at Granby Town Hall, Zero Jasper Ave., Granby, CO 80446
  Granby Ranch Metropolitan District Board of Directors Meeting
November 11, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. at Granby Town Hall, Zero Jasper Ave., Granby, CO 80446
  If you have questions you would like to submit prior to the October 28 meeting, please send them to:

          Mr. Bob Blodgett, the GRMD manager, at Bob.Blodgett@claconnect.com or phone 303-265-7916
          Sandy Brandenburger, District Administrator at Sandy.Brandenburger@CLAconnect.com or phone 303-265-7883
          Ms. Natasha Wall, President of the GRMD Board of Directors, at natashaw@denvermortgagecompany.com.
Pre-submitted questions will be addressed at the October 28 meeting and a summary of the questions and answers submitted and asked at the meeting will be available on www.granbyranchmd.org prior to the November 8 Board of Trustees meeting. In addition, additional comments can be provided to the GRMD Board of Directors at its meeting on November 11.

Thank you for your interest in the community and assistance in supporting this plan. GRH, GRMD, GRMD No. 8 and HMD have worked hard to craft this plan and are committed to the continued success of Granby Ranch.    

       2017 Transparency Notice  
       Granby Ranch Public Records Policy (CORA)  
       Granby Ranch Community Overview  
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